Rainbow Beginnings

Rainbow Beginnings is a mutual aid organization focused on assisting immigrants from the LGBTQIA+ community

seeking safety in California.

We offer support to people seeking asylum by creating a safe space to access tools for immigration assistance and

LGBTQ focused benefits.

We are focused on mutual aid benefits working with volunteers and other organizations across the United States to uplift

LGBTQIA+ Immigrants. 


What We Do

We assist LGBTQIA+ people immigrating to the United States.


Legal Advocacy

Helping folks find legal assistance.

Shelter Support

Find sponsors and housing. 

Accessing social services such as food, medical, mental health and more. 

Community Engagement

Organizing volunteers to offer English tutoring, transportation efforts as part of a support network. 


“Nobody wants to leave their homeland illegally out of their heart's desire, they are compelled to do so as the last resort due to utter degradation of life there.”

Abhijit Naskar,

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