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Maxsurf 13 All Module Patch chalcha




07-Jun-2018 Maxsurf 13 is a patch version of Maxsurf 12 and provides major stability enhancements and improved graphical capabilities. . 13-Jul-2018 This Release updates Maxsurf Stability Enterprise V21 to include the following new capabilities . Stability and motion analysis for ship construction and design, plant engineering, naval architecture, offshore engineering and military applications. Category:Naval architecture Category:Naval simulation Category:Computer-aided design software for WindowsMyanmar Journal: Prime Minister Lifts Ban On Political Blogs And Facebook Posts Mon Sep 12, 2015 Aung Thura, senior national news editor with Myanmar Journal, explains the changes made to the Cyberspace Law. The Cyberspace Law was repealed on August 8, 2015, with the intention to pave way for free expression. But, after this announcement by Prime Minister, Aung Thura, the lawmakers who are working on the drafts for the new Cyber Law have come under fire from a lot of netizens. According to Aung Thura, there are only a few lawmakers who are concerned with implementing a censorship-free internet. “There are many of them who believe in social media,” he added. The lawmakers believe that the new Cyber Law is less stringent than the repealed one, and is more in line with international standards. However, they are struggling to make changes to the new Cyber Law, while keeping to the internationally accepted principles. Aung Thura added that he and the other lawmakers will be able to make changes if they have a high level of support from the public. Previously, the media wasn’t allowed to post or create political blogs and Facebook posts, which was an obstacle for the media to disseminate information. But now, it has been removed from the law. The current draft law on Internet should be implemented in three months. If we are looking for Cyberspace Law, that means we have a law that regulates the Internet. The internet cannot be without a law. The law is not perfect, but it’s better than the law before. That was one of the justifications that the government used in defending the new law. Now, the government can monitor the internet and people’s movements. Unfortunately, in the current draft, it is still not possible to prevent people from uploading and sharing videos




Maxsurf 13 All Module Patch chalcha

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